Hemp cakes were known as Gladiator Cakes in Roman times. Learned physicians and scholars lauded them, prescribed them, wrote about them. They were used for women’s mental health and soldier’s battle injuries. 

Emperor Shen Nung in 2737BC made much comment, and documented extensively the use of marijuana as medicine.

“Quunuba” was the Assyrian name for Indian hemp, described as the ‘medicine that takes away the pain as well as drives away the evil demons’. It was prescribed on clay tablets for women wishing to stave off depression and psychosis.

Here in Scotland, we are about to debate the classification of cannabis at Holyrood. We were awarded a potential multi million pound grant scheme to enable farmers to engage with large-scale cultivation of hemp, in order to contribute to, enhance and develop the medicinal oil which can be made from hemp.

The farmers and potential famers of Scotland believe this grant funding could see Scotland become a major producer of hemp products.

It is no surprise to me, nor you, nor anyone else that the World health Organisation state “cannabidiol should not be scheduled for international control on the basis of current evidence”.

Cannabis cultivation as medicine is a vocation and an industry. 200 people work in the medicinal cannabis industry in Britain. Farmers and growers all over Europe wish to see, facilitate and develop hemp medicine as a home remedy for a multitude of ailments, as it used to be in the middle ages, as it used to be in pre-Christian times, as it used to be, until the advent of chemicals synthesised to behave as liquid kosh for creatives or bowel stopping chalk bites for office minions came into play.

With our modern science, our world leading brains, our ancient texts, our first hand stories, our witness testaments from real live living functioning earthlings, surely it is absurd, surreal and rather convolutedly contrived that we should be begging our law makers’ permission to be healthfully using hemp.

I wish to see the hills of Scotland covered in hemp. Hemp for clothes, hemp for paper, hemp for building, hemp instead of plastic. And hemp for medicines, of course.

My name Is Orla Broderick. I have been using CBD for a year. It replaced the 90mg of Prozac I detested and despised. I like the word “Quunubu” and all its different meanings. For me, Mediweed’s Entourage oil atomiser , sprayed once a day, directly into my mouth, means “the drug for sadness” as it simply “banishes sorrow” (Homer’s Odyssey).

High THC based strains of plant, like Platinum Kush, who also have high CBD levels as well as Alpha-humulene, alpha-terpinene, nerolidol, ocimene, and myrcene as their dominant terpenes work like a magic on me. They have relaxing and calming effects, mainly in my hyperactive brain, allowing me to be easier in my body. The result of which is productivity, because it makes my brain an easier place to be, to figure out the logical progression of life’s banalities and smile.

I use mediweed’s Full Spectrum Entourage CBD oil, which needs a better name, like The On Switch, in order to juggle all the bits of my life without now ever taking to the bed, pulling to duvet over my head and refusing to interact with the shite of life.

I have no idea how it works. The farmers and growers keep trying to tell me. The learned in physics and chemistry draw the cellular reaction, the chemical symbols, the chain reaction of the how and why.

I am going to try and collate some of the research here on Mediweed’s blog. I want to understand how this works in my body and my brain. I want to know why it opens me up to all sorts of insights, worlds and discoveries as well as why the Entourage CBD balm (needs a better name, like Unicorn magic for bumps, broken bones and muscle spasm).


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