The On Switch

My poor wee silly head just cannot grasp the science of it. Experts in the field (pardon the pun) try to impart somehow, anyhow, the whole brilliance of the chemical and physical reaction. For a decade various Farmers-of-the-Hemp have rattled off their facts, tests, truths, beliefs and all that other lived experience of devoting decades to Earth’s Medicines. They totally need me to know why it’s good for me.
I already know it’s good for me.
Here’s what else I know –
The US government are trying to patent hemp.
There’s a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system, which, when activated and respected, fights cancer.
Hemp stuff switches on our endocannabinoid systems.
Switching on our endocannabinoid systems is our next evolutionary target. We heard about the immune system, the endocrine system and the gut. We try to eat healthy and many folks know about echinacea, the power of vitamins and how exercise helps our moods.
Hemp replaces plastic.
Good cannabinoids with high thc, grown organically switch me on to Earth’s energy.
The growers of the planet’s finest cannabinoids have been testing their products on me for at least twenty five years. I was cannabis free when pregnant and breastfeeding only.
I know good organic green earth medicines. I can smell a Kush from two hundred yards.
OG Kush is my all time favourite medicine. It originated in California and it has the highest THC levels the world. It’s sativa ratio against indica is 55:45. That gives me an eight hour creative splurge or a connection to my brainwaves which lasts days.
For me, it’s all about being awake, being alive. Sativa wakes me in neural pathways. The cerebral boost I gain releases me from anxiety. The body high removes the pain of age, motherhood, life. It’s also useful for those with Alzheimer’s.
Being switched on is better than sex.
A pin head of CBD from OG Kush a day, or, half a spliff, or, a well made chocolate keeps me doing all of life with a grin and a will based on love for a good 48 hours. That’s not bad for a middle aged self employed single mother with arthritis, anxiety, broken bones and ptsd.
That sets me apart from many, more conservative members of my society. It means I am free in my head. It means I don’t conform. It means I can’t be herded.
I don’t do indica strains. That’s the heavy, monged, can’t get up feeling which sends you horizontal. The Hog floors me, makes me lie down for days, forces stillness into the deep panic driven ways of me. I hate it because I don’t like lying down and doing nothing. Oh I know it’s restorative, I know it heals and I know I need to take it in order to then take it easy, but for me, indicas are a hard medicine.

Waking up, switching on means becoming aware, gaining insight into our Earth and how we protect her.
Switching on your endocannabinoid system means activating healing cells, instructing receptors to respond to hemp.
When our cells respond to the earth medicine hemp, they act out their magic on our enzyme FAAH.
Earth medicine in CBD form stops FAAH from breaking down anandamide. This is the mood lifter, the surge of relax we feel deep in our bones. It is this chemical reaction which triggers our endocannabinoid system.
There are books on this subject over on our resource pages.
Here at mediweed dot com we welcome your own research, your wisdoms, insights and knowledge. Our SUBMISSIONS page is for your odes, your lore, if you care to share.
The endocannabinoid system is vital to our health and wellbeing. We start by including hemp seeds in our daily diet. As surely as we embraced goji berries, we must ingest more hemp products. Over in our SHOP we have a selection of hemp products we believe in and rely on. Please use our contact page for any queries. We are here to help you switch on your endocannaobinoid system and maintain its health.
My dumb brain wants to rationalise the reaction of cannabinoidsin my body, but I thrive on earth’s good green medicines and the simplicity of the science is illogical somehow as if I overthink the fully researched, accredited, patented by the US government (pending) hugeness of how we reconnect the populations of the world to the deep relax in the marrow of our bones, the knowledge of how to awaken sleeping cells, it becomes overwhelming.
The enormity of the endocannabinoid system and how we came to starve it is the subject of many books I am sure exist, but have not read. It is certainly a common topic in my society.
I dream of a hut on a hill in Gaelic speaking country, nine hectares of hemp will I have there, hedged to perfection, a home for faeiries and hopefully, some day, hempcrete, hemp paper, hemp wrappings, hemp bottles, hemp seeds, butters, oils or chocolates.


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